Joomla! and Open Source fan. In spare time he writes the blog posts about Joomla Tutorials including reviews of popular Joomla Templates, Extensions and services. If you have started learning Joomla just buzz him via Skype, He would be glad to help you :).

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A wrap-up of Joomla! World Conference by JoomlaShine team

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JSN PowerAdmin - Making Joomla easy and fun to use

Joomla is powerful, but is it easy to use? Some people agree with that, but some people don't since they find it hard to start using Joomla. You know, it is not easy for a newbie to define front-end items in the back-end, change module positions, etc. Read on to find out how you can solve these problems...

JSN PowerAdmin features

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search - Search for anything instantly

Spotlight Search helps you search for items in your website quickly. If you see a word or a phrase in the front-end and wonder where it is in the back-end, just use this function. It allows you to search in 10 areas such as Content Articles, Modules, and so on. Thanks to this, accessing and editing items is quicker than ever.

Site Manager

Site Manager - Manage menu, component and modules in one place

Site Manager - Manage menu, component and modules in one place

Site Manager helps you control the website content in one place. As you see, it covers Menus, Components and Modules.

To change menu items and module positions, just drag-and-drop. To edit content - modify names, show or hide elements, delete, etc. - just click. No more comparing the front-end and the back-end content; many fewer clicks. .. Now everything is visible.

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How to sell Joomla to your customers

The first thing that everyone asks themselves when creating a website is, “what CMS do I go for”? If they are aware of the technicalities involved, they'll be able to answer that question easily. And if they aren't they'll head off to a good web design firm to help them. 

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